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Na Devuda – my God !



She addresses her husband as ‘ na Devudu’ or ‘my God’ . Not once, but always. And that good – for-nothing guy, my friend doesn’t have any godly qualities in him! In fact I should be called God but none including my wife does so.

‘Avunayya, he is my god. Dammundae go and ask your wife to address you as her god’ . This was what she told me when I asked her the reason . I didn’t like the word, ‘dammunade’. She should have said, ‘if you have guts’

‘Why don’t you call me your God?’, I asked my wife .

‘It is more than enough for me and others if you remain a human’ . In one sentence she closed the topic .

I was restless to know the reason and asked my friend:
‘How did you manage to become God to your wife? Share the secret with your bosom friend’

‘Ivvala sayanthiram indikkiraa- come home this evening’

Hearing the bell sound from the pooja room, I entered into my friend’s house and was surprised to see my friend being seated on a peetam, small stool and a bowlful of laddus and some currency notes placed before him. The lady sincerely believed her husband was god and performed harati for him, after placing in his Palm with due devotion, a small spoonful of broken laddus. There was a wallet before him in which she placed a few one rupee notes and coins and took away the entire currency notes and all the laddus, with her, while my friend looked at her back helplessly.

After she left the room gracefully, my friend got up from his seat and told me: ‘choosAva? Have you seen? God’s share of laddus and monthly pension’

‘That cash is not enough for a hair cut!’, I said .

‘That comes under my quarterly quota’

After coming home, I thanked my wife for not calling me her god.

‘Be my husband always’, she replied,. ‘If you retain that position I’m more than satisfied’.

What does she mean by, ‘if you retain hat position’?

The behavior of women is mystic.

In the picture below ‘kudumayai pidi!’- hold him by his tuft – now dad’s when she grows and gets married, her ‘devudu’s!’

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