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My blunt talk lands me in trouble



Wonder often why God didn’t attach a filter to my tongue!

A friend from another State who was aspiring to come and meet me has cut off her friendship with me, from the moment I asked, ‘why do you want to come all the way spending money?’

Yesterday when my Mohanasister said she would come with food to meet me, I asked her the same question, though she was in the same city, about 15 kms away.

‘Can’t I come to take your blessings on an auspicious day?’, she quipped.

I’m glad that she came with Patchu and made my day and served good food, affectionately. Similarly, I would have been happy, had my outstation friend too visited me. But, by my blunt question, I doused her happiness and also mine.

‘Sundarikutti!’, I commented below the photo of a close friend, today. Afterwords I was worried whether she would blast me. She was not related to me and we had not even met. But, thanks to my birth star, she simply reacted, ‘SPJi!’ ( my birth star, believe me, has come to my help many times!)

What happened actually was I really liked the photo. But, I should not have made that comment.

While going out for shopping, I may like many beautiful things , flowers or women.
I can go near the flowers and say, ‘sundaram, manoharam, enthu vasana, ( what a fragrance!’) ‘enthu chandam! ( what a beauty) etc. but if I go near a woman and express similar sentiments, though my feelings are very genuine, my life and health will be in jeopardy.

My father, being a business man, was very polished in his talks. But my mother- oh!
She had embarrassed me by her blunt views
Her introduction to my wife, was something like this: ‘he never stays at home; keep an eye on him!’

Though I never lived in any village, wonder how this village habit stuck me.

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