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My food bowl is full

I longed for a handful of food , once
Cursed those who didn’t share an ounce.
Now I have food in bins and barrels
But why share with others?

Oh, my God! There comes in thousands
Ants, white, black and red
In wagon and carts,
In ships and boats!

They are looting my food mounts
I shout, I fight
But they don’t care
They eat away my valuable books
Currency notes, cheque books,
Files and furnitures
Nothing left at home and
Hungry they are still.

They come rushing to eat me
Ants in thousands
White, black and red.

‘Are you mad?’
Asks their king
‘Keep up our principles
We don’t eat balloons
Wait till his air escapes’

They wait at my gate, all in straight lines
Oh, God ! Are they waiting for my air to escape?
‘Collect air and store’ , I order
‘In bins and barrels’

‘Where are the bins,
Where the barrels?
All eaten away by ants’
Answer my servants.

I’m hungry now,
Move door to door
With a bowl in hand
Beg and collect food.

Come back and sit at the gate
One ant comes, I give him food,
Ten ant come, I give them food
All ants come, not to eat me
But to eat the food I share.

‘Retreat’, orders the king
All the ants go back
I look  at my food bowl
It is  full!.

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