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Vicha, mera bayya!


Vicha, mera bhayya
Achaa kardiyaa mera naya saal!!
‘Ikkada noppi, akkada noppi’
Evarukku noppilu Lethu, Ayya?

Viswanatha Iyer, my brother,
You marred my new year,
‘Pain here, pain there’,
Who is free from pain?

Our mother’s pain brought us here,
Father’s pain raised us in life,
My pain on your pain brought me here,
Your pain marred my New Year Day!!

No, it didn’t, while pressing your legs
I could think of your service to our mother
You did press and balm her legs
While I was compressed by my duty
In a place far away.

I’m glad that God gave me a ‘kindi’ in you
To pour out my dues to wash your legs
Your legs are our mom’s legs
Which you washed and dried.

Why go that far back,
What happened last year?
Were not my children pressing my legs?
Let my service to you clear their due too.

Any dues are to be cleared
To anyone, now or later.
It is good to go back with no baggage,
Like a bird freed from its cage.

PS- Kindi is a vessel with nose to pour water, used mainly for abhishekam to the deities.

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