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New year wishes?
Nothing Baghavan.
What more do I need
When you’re with me
As my inner flow, outer glow?

Keep me as fit, as contended
As I’m now.
Let my inner machines work
And flow continue as now.
Let my eyes see, ears hear
Nose smell, tongue taste,
Legs and hands
Obey me.
And body feel your presence
Inside and outside.

I see your smile,
I said ‘no wishes’
But unleashed
A big list!

‘I see your smile’, I said
That is all I want.
Let that smile
Shine in me, Lord
That is my only wish!

With that inner shine
I see thousand lamps
All around, nothing but
Lamps and brightness
Let me continue to see
Lamps on the land
Sun, moon and stars
In the sky.
And Lord,
You, in my deep inner shine!

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