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Your coffee is ready on the table

‘Give me your blessings uncle. Your blessings, not god’s. I don’t believe in God ‘


‘I don’t believe in astrology and other worn out practices’


‘We are in the 21st century, a free world. People forget that’


‘Why do you say, ‘oh, oh’ and nothing else ?’

‘You love a girl?’

‘Yes, yes, how did you know, uncle?’

‘You love her madly?’


‘You can’t live in this world without her?’


‘Your parents and in fact, the whole world is opposing you?’


‘Why do you say, ‘ya, ya’ for everything. When do you want to get marry? Tomorrow, next week?’

‘How uncle, how will you arrange when my parents are against, her parents are against and the whole world is against?’

‘None of your concern. You want to marry that girl. Come along with her at sharp ten, to the Ganapathy temple. Muhoortham is 10-11.30am’

‘Uncle, what are you saying? How can a marriage be performed in such a great hurry? It is a life long affair. We have to see the planets’ position, discuss about dowry, how her income will be utilized, will her parents expect their share, there are many things to be thought about, discussed and arrived at the correct decision’


‘And what about her consent? Her mother is everything for her. Will she leave her here and come along with me? We should respect her feelings. Don’t you think so?’


‘Why do you say, ‘hmm, hmm for everything uncle?’ Give me an answer’

‘Your coffee is ready on the table. Enjoy and go home. Have a happy 2017. My blessings, not god’s’

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