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When 2016 moves behind the curtain.


Unmayai chonna othukkanam- you should admit when I speak the truth-

2016 will be out soon. What happens next? The new Mathrubhoomi calendar will replace the old one! Everything else in the house, including me and my thammudu, will be the same!
For our age, the status quo condition is satisfactory ++++

Still, human nature being what it is, I turn back to look at the year vanishing behind the curtain. I’m too small a person to talk about the country but am big enough to talk about me. And talking I like; do let me.

With all the problems, the current year, in general, is closing with a good tune.

First and foremost, I am alive. Some of my relatives and friends are not. Even my own case was jerky for a while.

My brother who had serious health problem is much better now. Nandur uncle was kind enough to fit a machine to his ear, today. It should help to improve my kandasudhi, voice clarity..

Aparna, my daughter,  continues to like me despite my boring her with my songs for her clearance.

Megh, Anja, Hamsa and other mattupons and all others in the family too continue to like me, despite my doing things  which they don’t like!

Despite my disability lasting more than six months, could sing and upload more than 40 songs in the YouTube and over a hundred postings in my blog. Five thousand visitors this year for my blog, as per the WordPress record.

Earned a number of new Facebook friends; some have become intimate.

Could learn the elementary lessons in cooking. Another feather on my cap, for late learnings. Keep it up, good boy!

Last but not of least importance is that my aaharam( food intake) malamoothra visarjanam ( waste disposal from the body), swasotchwasam ( breathing), nidra ( sleep) are all normal when the year closes its annual account.

‘Is it such an important thing to report?’

Yes sir. It is! During the first part of this year, I was struggling for all those normal functions.

What do I look forward in the new year?

When I go back to USA, my grandchildren will look taller and four more kids will call me for the first time, ‘Appu thatha’, thanks to Shriram – Mahima and Suresh-Anusha!

And Dhruvu, Sidhu, Shreya, Vibha will call me with better clarity,
using full force for ‘pu’ in ‘appu’ and for ‘tha’ in ‘thAtha!’

I will be on cloud nine!

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