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In response to my daughter’s greeting



Ha, ha, Konthai,
morning from here,
Looked at the watch
December seven.
The date Mookkunni @ recorded
The day, I was launched
Great you remembered,
Though I didn’t.

My launch was great
Not because I became great
But I became your dad
And of your brothers,
I became the eldest brother
Of my siblings,
I became a worthy son
Of my parents,
A honest husband
To your mom,
A faithful worker to my employer
And above all
I never made my  Owner
To regret my launch

All others are unimportant.
If a man is honest to his woman,
Children, siblings and God,
All other things are unimportant.

And for me, only important
Is your love, others love,
God’s love and life’s love.

‘We are ALWAYS with you’,
You said and I know.
That ‘we’ covers everyone
Including your mom.

Yes, your mom,
You and your brothers
Are her gifts,
The golden flowers,
Fresh and fragrant ever,
She gifted.

I hear your asking,
‘What is life’s love?’
Life loves only those
Who love’s her,
I love my life
And you all are my life!

@ the name of the astrologer who wrote my horoscope

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