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Ammalu is always right


‘Ammalu, if the couple stay separate for a few days, their intimacy will increase it seems’

‘Aren’t we intimate enough now?’

‘We are, of course. But it will increase, it seems’

‘Don’t you think that more intimacy is injurious for our age?’

‘Yes, I do.’

‘Then, why did you suggest?’

‘I didn’t suggest. I just quoted someone’

‘Ask that someone to see me’

‘Ammalu, it was our Ammini. How can I ask her to meet you for this purpose?’

‘Now I understood. You went there and blabbered some nonsense trying to develop intimacy with her and she wanted to teach you a lesson’

‘Ammalu, our Ammini–‘

‘She is not our Ammini. She has a husband to claim her as his.. Now on, you won’t go out of our gate without my permission’

‘So, the idea of staying separate is given a go by?’

‘No” I’m going to my mother . You will be alone here. Let me see which of your ‘own’ people come and feed you’

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