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Ammalu is always right


Cartoon courtesy  Ramki, Chennai.

‘Ammalu what is your problem if me, as an art lover, enjoy the artistic beauty of the straight lines and curves of kolams, while your friends light the Deepavali lamps?’

‘You are going beyond the curves and bends of kolam drawings. There the problem starts’




‘Who is that woman boarding the Volkswagen?’

‘That is not a woman, not even a human. It is a dog. There is no green sari or Volkswagen there. The pet puppy is entering an auto ricksha with a red color body frame’

‘Auto rickshaw in America?’

‘We are not in America. We are in Hyderabad’

‘Ammalu, when did I land in India!’

‘I’m not Ammalu. I’m her mother’

‘OMG. No wonder why I was blabbering!’







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