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Ammalu is always right


Cartoonist. Ramki of Chennai
‘While my grandmother was alive, she used to give me oil bath twice a week. Then, my mother followed that good practice. I had to simply sit on a stool; they applied oil, massaged all over the body and after half an hour washed from head to toe with cheekai powder and removed water with a dry towel. They both said, ‘your wife will continue this good practice. But that did not happen. Now, I have to take bath my self. What a pity, Ammalu!’

‘Say so! I was wondering how could one woman spoil you to this level of degradation! There were two behind your ruin!’

‘A bit more intelligence, a bit more beauty, a bit more managerial skill would have made you a wonderful wife, Ammalu’

‘To make you a good husband all those qualities are required. not in bits and pieces but in tons, SP’





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