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Keep her in a zoo


‘A’ is for AmmAlu
Not for Ammini.
‘A’ and an expanded ‘A’ for me,
And a useless ‘A’ for her
And two ‘ii’s, both bore.

Days and nights have flown
An inch you have’t grown.
Untrustworthy your eyes
Untrustworthy your sighs.

Your smiles can’t deceive me,
Look for others; remember
Others means, not my gender!

And remember,
Ammalu is an avatAr
To lift you up, a wild boar
Don’t make her to turn
A Nrisimh, with ‘Simh’more!

And remember, you forgetful,
My anger against you, is full
Ammini or any other
Minis or Maxies
Are ‘K’ for me.
‘K’ here, for kosu
Kosu is a mosquito
With no teeth to bite!

And remember, my hubby
I’m your chubby,
Ammalu is ‘A’ one
In tongue with a gun,
Only one A among alphabets
BCD —-are others
And Ammini is ‘Z’,
Keep her in a zoo !

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