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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, It is delightful to watch Subbu couple walking to the temple, rubbing shoulders. I envy them’

‘No need. We may also be walking like them if our hands refuse to rise when the shoulder itches’

‘So, Ammalu, it is not the love that made them to walk like that?’

‘No, itching!’

‘Itching is more important than love?’

‘More nuisance’

‘Than wife?’

‘SP, your itching started. Come on, let us walk like Subbu couple’


Ammalu, I don’t like the way that pAvi ( sinner) Pattabhi looks at you’

‘He is not looking at me; he is looking at you, SP’

‘Pray, why?’

‘Because you are looking at his wife, Pattu’

‘Identical squint -eye hazard, I think, Ammalu’

‘No, identical age hazard’


‘Allow me to exercise my constitutional authority over you, as a husband, Ammalu’

‘I’m the constitution and also the authority in my house, SP’

‘In your house?’

‘If not, why you seek permission?’


It is not the age that matters, Ammalu, but the ability to keep one’s wife under his control. She should shiver at the very sight of her husband, as you are, now’

‘True, I shiver before a fearsome husband. But, why are you shivering, SP? You too afraid of me?’

‘Never. It is only the age’


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