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Young and pretty and other stories

Ammalu, you are young, you are pretty’

‘I’m not young, but I’m pretty’

‘Please give me a thousand bucks, but don’t debit to my accounts’

‘I’m not giving you a paisa but thousand bucks already debited to your account’

‘How Ammalu? Under what rule?

”You are young, you are pretty’ rule. Your asking was as good as my giving you’

Ammalu, an amazing news! Our sweet niece Anku had a dream of me, in the form of Mahavishnu holding Samku, chakram, gadha, Padamam. Now, you are worried in what form I will appear in your dream?’

‘Not at all. It cant’t be worse than the forms you take, before me, while awake’

Ammalu, why don’t we pay a surprise visit to your mom and ask for a donation for our temple fund?’

‘You expect your mother to trust you when you say that you will construct a temple from her donation?’

‘For your mom I’m honesty in human form’

‘Ok. Then, go to the barber shop, get rid of the forest on your head. You made a surprise visit to her last evening when your shirt pocket developed a surprise hole and borrowed some cash, remember?’


Ammalu, are you unhappy that you are not as good looking as I’m ?’


‘Why, Amnalu?’

‘Are you unhappy that you are not as smart, as intelligent and as efficient as I’m?’

Ammalu, how is it that everyone knows you in the FB, though you are no where near it?’

‘Simple. I’m your breathe’

‘How are you sure about it? It could be another woman’

‘No way. I won’t allow another woman near you as long as you breathe through the designed openings’

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