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From toenail to the top


Head to toe, sorry, head to toe nails, need our care, attention. God created indicators like, pain, sweeping, itching, burning etc to draw our attention to the weak points.

‘Only the baby who cries get milk,’ say others, not the mother.

Yes, our body parts need our close watch; Our family too.

Our activities and our thought inputs and outputs too, need a close watch. Our word output too. Even on the words flowing into us, we should have a check. The source could be many including the Facebook. I observe ‘madi’, keeping my distance, with a few in the FB. Many reciprocate warmly. Good for them. Friends should be happy!

Why am I towing you towards the toes ?

For the past two months, my left toe was paining, no swelling, no shrinking, no colour change for the nails which retain the god given milky white.

Our hair may change its colour but nails and toes, never.

Toe after all, I thought first. When pain became intense, consulted two physicians and they gave different opinions.
Then, I landed on the consulting room of a foot specialist, recommended by my Asthana physician, after a waiting period of one month. He is my insurance -approved physician who directs me to specialists, prescribes medicines, acts as a nodal agency for my health care.

The podiatrist, foot specialist, tested the sensitivity of my feet as I’m a diabetic and blood circulation to the lowest parts of the body is likely to be affected. ‘Good, you can open the eyes’, she said, when I told her correctly the parts where she pricked with a thin needle.
Then she scrubbed and pruned the nail, made it thin and gave me a cotton cap to wear on the toe, inside the socks.

The hormone injections had upset my blood sugar values, which showed a trend upwards, despite increasing the dosage of medicines. ‘The toe pain should come when your blood sugar lever comes down’, she said, ‘anyway , let us keep a watch’

The pain has come down in three days!
How? Effect of her scrubbing and pruning the nail or the magic of the cotton cover ?

‘Why should you tell us this story, after all, toe?’ you ask.

Just to bring to your attention the necessity of consulting specialists. And also to tell you the importance of toes and nails. Keep a watch on those too.

You are not impressed, right?

Wait a minute, please.

‘Nakha -deethithi samjanna namajjana thamoguna –
(LalithasahasranAmam )

Jagadjanani removes the thamas, darkness in the mind of her devotees by the sparkle of her nails!

How pitch dark is thamogunam, imbedded deep in our minds! How dazzling will be Ambal’s nails, Powerful enough to annihilate the anthakaraasura, the demon of darkness!

Another quote from LalithasahasranAmam:

‘KarAnguli nagholpanna Narayana dasAkrithi’

The ten forms of Mahavishnu came out of the nails of the Jagadjanani.

As a child, while learning LalithasahasranAmam, I used to imagine the amazing scene of emerging forms Malsya, koorma, varaaha, Narasimha and other avatharams from the finger nails, one by one, as the Goddess, opens up her fingers, one, two, three–


So, from where did we start and where do we end?
We started with toe nail and ended at deivachintha, thought on divinity.
Our elders constructed a temple or a pond or a peepul tree at the street corner, so that from whereever your start, you reach at a Devine space. Puthiya Kalpathy, Pazhaya Kalpathy, Chathapuram, Perinkulam, the list goes on.

Starting point may be anywhere, try to reach a Devine destination.

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