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Naaku eami thelusu ? What do I know ?

That strike was so harsh that I thought the world had come to an end.
No, it hadn’t.

After a while, I realized that the world was very much there and only I had gone blind and deaf.

Again after sometime I could hear a melody flowing in the air.
I was not deaf!

Then, in a dim light, I could see a lovely hand lifting me up from the ground.
I was not blind!

Slowly I realized that the hand which lifted me up, wiped off my tears and pain was the same as the one that slapped me earlier.

‘Come on, let us move,’ a whisper into my ears, ‘ you have a purpose to live’

I picked up courage and asked ,’ what about my things, which I lost?’

‘They were not yours’ The reply was cool. ‘If they were, they would have come with you’

‘I didn’t get you,’ I seek a clarification. ‘Have I lost everything?’

‘No, you have me with you. You are mine and I’m yours’

‘Why did you slap at my face, if I’m yours?’

‘Naaku eami thelusu? What do I know?’

That was followed by a sweet laugh .

The melody of that laugh intermingled by the moving sound of steps, is imbedded in my memory.

But where is He?

‘Naaku eami thelusu?’

2 thoughts on “Naaku eami thelusu ? What do I know ?

  1. Namaskaram Sri Perinkulam Mama!

    Truly philosophical.
    Itt is as if you have written this for someone like me whose mindi is in a state of turmoil.
    Yes, what do we know at all!
    And yet we look for Him everywhere…….!

    Only He knows………. what we seek to know through the ages.


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