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Age difference

Ammalu, what will be our age difference, approximately?’

‘Why approximately? I will give you the correct figure. I’m older to you by 20 years’

‘It can’t be 20. May be in the first digits only. 7,8,9?’

‘Certainly not. I Remember my mom packing a dozen baby feeding bottles while seeing me off with you’

‘I just wanted to remind you that I look much younger than you, but you treat me like a child. Child- like, am I, Ammalu?.


Ammalu, read this news item. To commemorate the completion of two years in power, Modiji is bringing a law permitting a husband to have another wife , if he finds it necessary’

‘Do you find it necessary to have another woman?’

‘Ammalu, me? Kidding Ammalu? I’m extremely happy with you, extremely’

‘The new law doesn’t talk about happiness. Necessity is the criteria. Do you find it necessary to have another woman?’

‘Ammalu, me? No’

‘Yes, you have a necessity. I’m not able to lift you up, when you sit on the floor for your pooja. I shall look for a woman with strong muscles so that she can handle you alone if necessary, when I go out. Thanks Modiji for the new law.
Or do you want me to wait for one more year? Who knows that for the third anniversary celebration, the quota may go up to three?’

Ammalu, tell your mom that it was not she but my dear, dear mother who gave me birth. Of late, her blotted ego makes her to believe and behave as if she is my genetic mother’

‘Damn ego! Where did it go before our wedding? I would have been your younger sister and my task would have been much easier’

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