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Who said,’ life is short’?

Who said life is short?

”Life is short. Hurry and enjoy your remaining life,
every minute ”
I see many such warnings, cautions, threats, reminders,
In the net. But, in real life none of my friends or relatives tell me so. Nice guys.

I too, never threaten any one like that.

I believe-
Life is NOT short. You have plenty of time to enjoy. Only requirement is you should know what is enjoyment. Enjoyment is nothing but self satisfaction. If you have that, even one day, one an hour available to you, is more than enough.

Earlier, I used to feel sorry for my wife, that she was given only to raise the children and not to enjoy the fruits of her labour. She didn’t see the weddings of her children ;
She didn’t pet and play with her grand children. Every moment, I have been feeling sorry for. Every time, my children take me for a sight seeing, every time there is a child birth in the family, every time there is a family function, every time my children assemble, I used to feel sorry for her. The very thought that she missed all good things in life and I enjoyed all those, was actually killing me.

But now, I have realized my folly. Each one is entitled for his or her cup of wine and some cups or small, some big. The happiness lies in enjoying what is given, may be a drop, may be two.

My present thinking is that she had the self satisfaction of developing her family and living happily with her husband and children for some time. What else does a woman need? And that was the golden era for her. She had the best of life. She had no complaints. Not a single day, we quarreled. Not a single wish of her was left unfulfilled by her husband or children. Of course, she didn’t have much wants or desires. So, it was easy for us.

About me too, I have loved enjoying the unalloyed love of my parents and siblings, then my wife and now my children and grandchildren and many relatives and friends.
Many of my own relative, friends didn’t have half of what I had.

My own elder brother didn’t live beyond his first year.

What more do I need?

Desire has is no fencing. Even if I happen to live for a hundred years, still, I might long for another one or two years.

So, I thank the Destiny for giving me what is my due. Plenty, it is. Plenty, my God.

Who said life is short?

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