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The fresh glow

‘ Ammalu, the fresh glow in your face is natural or artificial ?’


‘What new face powder did you apply?’

‘No face powder. I took extra attention in preparing sambar and avial for you’
Ammalu, I’m a man of stainless character. Don’t you agree?’

‘Yes, I do’

‘Then, when I talk to a woman other than you, why do you stare into my eyes as if there are some gold coins inside?’

‘Not gold. I’m looking for the stainless steel vessels, which are missing from my kitchen. I trust my servant woman’
Ammalu, any misunderstanding between us should not reach your mom’s ears’

‘Misunderstanding, we don’t have even understanding’

‘Ammalu, our children will protest’

‘They won’t. They know that now we have no strength to stand or sit under or above’


‘We float in the air’

‘If we collude ?’

‘Only gas will escape. So don’t worry’

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