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Allow me to do what I want to do

‘Ammalu, allow me to see whatever I want to; allow me to go wherever I want to. I’m not a child for you to follow me like a spy of Hitler or a fly after jackfruit’

‘Sure, if you promise that you will behave on public roads’

‘Behave on public roads? Did I pickpocket any man or butt -kick any woman?’

‘SP, don’t try to beat me with your high sounding but hollow words. Answer these three questions honestly.
Charge 1-
Did you or did you not on last Thursday evening, walk holding a ripe mango fruit in hand, biting it, sucking it’s juice, enjoying every drop and making sound to propagate your happiness?


‘The stains of mango juice on your shirt.
So, charge 1 is proved.

Charge 2- Did you or did you not, on last Friday evening, removing your shirt and tying it around your head, sit on the mud along with urchins and enjoy the Terukoothu street play, whistling intermittently, inserting your finger into the mouth?’


‘Your cramped shirt and whistling in sleep. So, charge 2 too proved.

Charge. 3- Did you or did you not, yesterday evening, manage to collect cinema tickets in bulk through your influence and sell at much higher rate, standing on the road side before our Rambha Talkies?’


‘Here. I was one among the cheated and here is the torn ticket’

‘Hip hip hooray! Ammalu, we are made for each other!’

‘Of course, we are made for each other!’

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