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Warm welcome to the god of warmth


Bright Sun, long awaited ; I’m back to
my favorite deck, our open air theater!

If not now, when will my poetry bud?

A warm welcome to the God of warmth


You were waiting for me to get up,
Not one day, but every day,
With handful of gold coins
To shower on my head
And bath me with your warmth,
You, the Lord of the sky, the land and oceans
waiting for me to get up!
How bad, I ignored you my Lord,
Ashamed I’m!

Through the high ventilators and Windows
You peeped in to see whether I was awake
No, I was ‘t, but you didn’t go, you waited,
Like a servant, you, the Master of the sky, the land and oceans
How bad, I ignored you my Lord,
Ashamed I’m!

How didn’t I care for you then, my Lord?
Have I ever cared for my breath,
The Air, like you, that filled everywhere,
That filled my lungs and moved out,
Day and night,
Just to keep me alive!

Born from air, water, earth, fire and sky,
I forgot you all, still worse, I forgot
My final landing is on your lap, how sad, my Lord,
Ashamed I’m!

I paid the penalty, here in US,
Wrapped in clothes after clothes
Head to toe, day and night
Still shivering ; longed to see you,
A glance, a remote touch, I longed for you.
No, you didn’t show your face
Were you angry with me?
Can’t be.
If the heaven takes revenge
Where are we!

Come, come, the Samrat of the sky, the land and oceans
Let your golden hands, not one, thousands,
Touch me from top to toe, sweep into my cells.
Let every cell get a new life.
Hail you, the life giver,
Hail you, the Life!


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