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Ammalu is always right

Ammini says that all my teeth are in tact, in full shine where as yours are all in disarray. She said that smiling.’
‘What was your reaction?’
‘I too smiled’
‘You smiled or laughed showing all your teeth?’
‘I just smiled. You want me to laugh next time when she repeats?’
‘No, you bite her finger when she comes near you to count your teeth. She won’t smile, laugh or repeat what she said, anymore’
I’m afraid that by the time you finish making the ‘ellurundais’ (sesame balls), my remaining teeth too will fall down, Ammalu’
‘Teeth is plural. You have only one tooth. And these balls are for my mom’
‘Wonder how that old woman managed to retain so many teeth’
‘Old is an adjective and women doesn’t age’
‘Even without knowing a word of English, you teach me grammar to me, a scholar, writer and speaker?’
‘Plural and old are two words. You need to improve your maths too’
‘Damn with those balls of your skin colour. I will go to Iyer shop and buy a dozen’
‘SP, what I’m making is kozhakkattais, modakams not ellurundais
And my skin colour is not dark. So, in addition to grammar and Maths, learn what are the colours’
‘Ammalu, Ammini asked me whether you know the value of
10 + 10. What should I tell her?’
‘Tell her this :
Husband plus wife= couple;
Husband plus another man’s wife = Tuppal.
Tuppal means spit.”
‘Ammalu, she didn’t ask anything. What I told you was my fabrication. I just wanted to pull your legs’
‘Then, you store my answer safe, in your memory. Will be useful when you pull the legs or hands of another woman’

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