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Ammalu is always right

‘Should there be a woman for every man?
Not necessarily one, he can have many to remain hot and hot and hot. Agreed Ammalu?’
‘should there be a man, for every woman, SP?
Yes, and only one, but like you. And also a mechanical wet granite grinder with pestle, so that she can rotate and rotate the pestle, holding its tip, whenever she thinks about him, and get cool, c–o–o–l and C—o—-o—l’
‘Who is right and who is not, is not the question here SP?’
‘Then, what is the question, Ammalu?’
‘Who is husband and who is wife’
‘I’m the husband and poor you, are the wife’
‘Who is rich and who is poor, is also not the question. The question simply is, who is the husband and who is the wife’
‘I’m the husband and you are the wife ‘
‘No argument?’
‘No argument’
‘Good boy. Read the writing on the wall poster and nod ‘Yes’ to everything I say ‘
Ammalu, many married men and women nowadays, seek and obtain divorce effortlessly, after living together hardly for 3 years, 3 months or even 3days and remarry happily and enjoy life. Only we lost the charm of life by staying together for decades. And I’m told that there are advocates in America, who arrange divorce for a small fee of 30/40 US dollars!”
“Thirty dollars will be approximately –?’
‘Eighteen hundred rupees’
‘Give me eight hundred rupees. I will sign and give you my diverse papers’
‘What will I do then, Ammlu, if you go away?’
‘I will ask the temple Muthuswamy, to give you a conch. Keep blowing it in the mornings and evenings’

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