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Ammalu is amazing

“I have a weakness, Pattabhi. I tell truth in my sleep”
“I too have that weakness. That is why, me and Pattu don’t sleep in the same room.
What about you, SP?”
“We do, as Ammalu knows I’m a sathyaswaroopi. To prevent my sleep-walks, however, she ties bells to both my legs”
“Why to both legs?”
“If I walk out with one leg?”
“Wo! You are a Dharmaswaroopi too”
——           ———————–             ——————–
“How long will you tolerate this wealth- worn out, health- hazarded, memory- marginalized husband, Ammalu?”
“Till your character- erosion”
“If it takes place, will you throw me out?”
“No. I will pinch at a crucial part of your body, which will restore instantly all erosions and bring you back to absolute normalcy and retain it there for ever”
——————–           ———————       —————–
“Full moon was covering the earth and sky with her silver veil, under which was floating a jasmine flower – decorated boat, in the cool waters of Kashmir. Our Pattabhi was humming like a flower bee, a love song from a Hindi movie, lying on the lap of an angel, tasting the honey dripping from her face”
“Are you in your senses, SP? Pattabhi humming Hindi movie songs? When did he go to Kashmir? Why an angel’s lap to recline and relax? What happened to the broad lap of PAttu?”
“While going to Kashmir or any such holiday spots, will any husband take his wife along with him? You seems to be still in the medieval ages, Ammalu”
“Pattabhi needs his wife’s company even while going for bath!”
“Ha, ha. Ammalu. You are perfectly right. Hear the full story. Where did I stop?”
“Honey dripping into Pattabhi’s mouth from the angel’s face ”
“Yes, exactly at that moment, comes there PAttu like a typhoon”
“Pattabhi jumped into the lake?”
“No, he tied up his dothy and rushed into the kitchen to make coffee. It was after all,
a dream!”
—————————                   ——————–
“Ammalu, when you stand before me, I don’t see you as my wife. I see you as my mother, elder sister, mother’s elder sister and in such forms and shapes. What does it means?”
“It means your requirement for a wife is no more there”
“So, time for me to go for an ocher or yellow or red robe?”
“No, you are not ready yet. You still see only woman forms and shapes. That should go”
“Then, when should I see?”
“A black board ?”
“Black board? For what?”
“To study how to see wife as a wife and nothing else, starting from A B C D”
————————                    ——————
“I’m the only husband in our group, who has the autocratic wrench- like grip and control on my wife. The others have surrendered themselves shamelessly before their women bringing disgrace to the Male gender . Nair cooingly calls, ‘Ammu, Ammu’, Pattabhi blabbers ,’pattooooooooo, pattooooo and Asadu Ammanji clings on his wife’s sari, chirping ,’Mol, mol'”
“I appreciate that grip, autocratic, wrench-like grip on me. Just do me a favour please. My sari is washed and kept on the table. I’d you don’t mind, press and put it back in my wardrobe”
“Yes, Aalu”
“And my blouses too”
“Yes, Maalu”
“I’m Ammalu and not Aalu or Maalu”
“Yes, Ammalu”
“OK. Now you may loosen a bit your autocratic wrench -like grip, please.
It is too tight”
—————————          ———————-
” Are you younger or elder to me, Ammalu? All sorts of doubts I’m getting nowadays ”
“How does it matter? Even if you had this doubt fifty years ago at the time of our marriage, it wouldn’t have mattered”
“Then, what would have really mattered?”
“Our gender!”
——————–                          ————————-
“How long are you going to lie prostrated before me, holding my legs firmly, Ammalu? Get up. I have already blessed you for the new year”
“I’m unable to get up. Please lift me up”
“Lift you up? I’m not able to bend my body and somehow if I bend, won’t be able to raise up.”
“Then let us be like this till our servant maid comes”
“That means another four hours! Are you crazy?”
“It is said truth can shake a mountain. What were you searching in my mom’s masala box, last evening? . You told her that you were looking for your missing ring, which was an unadulterated lie. Tell the truth please. Then I will get up”
“Ammalu, I was looking for a four anna coin to give your Vishukkaineettam”
“Ok. Give me that coin. Even an invalid money is a valuable gift from you”

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  1. This is poetry.

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