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Ammalu is amazing

“Ammalu, that idiot in the corner house asked me a foolish question:
‘Wonder how your children are so smart, intelligent, well behaved, talks less but wisely?’
Obviously he doesn’t know my virtues and values, personal and educational status”
“He knows”
Ammalu, your mom is like my mom and our house is like her house. She is welcome here anytime but I don’t like her overhearing my phone talks”
“That is a misunderstanding. She stands behind you only to ensure that you don’t call her number and complain about me, forgetting that she is in our house, right behind you. You do that often. She wants to collect the complaint in person and help you”
“Does she think that I’m a fool to complain about you in your presence?”
“No, she doesn’t. She only expects you fail to notice my presence too”
“Ammalu, you are joking. She knows I smell your presence from a hundred yards away”
Mother -in -law Mahan, once the marriage is over, the bride’s mother should move to the sidelines and allow the couple to enjoy their privacy”
“Let her move to side, back or front ! But, why tell me?”
“As, you are my son -in-law ”
“Oh, then you should have said, ‘should have moved’ who taught you grammar?”
“I’m moving to the side line, MIL. I can’t argue with you”
“Why should you move? Are you the mother -in -law?”

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