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Thinking or winking?

Mother in law, I have now come with a complaint”
“When did you come here without a complaint against my daughter?”
“Now my complaint is against you”
“Go ahead, but be precise. I have other works to do”
“I have married your daughter. You know that, I suppose. So, she is my wife.
If she is my wife, by the the law of reciprocality, I’m her husband. If I’m her husband and she my wife, you are my mother in law”
“By which law?”
“The law of maternity”
“Ok, now come to the core point or move towards the door point”
“Any difference between me and my dear wife, we will settle without any external interference. You told Ammini that we think differently. There was no need for that”
“SP, I never said that. What I told her was, you wink differently from Ammalu. You remember, yesterday, when I yelled at you for misplacing my eyeglasses and hearing aid, Ammalu winked at you and asked you to ignore my scolding. You too winked, in response and said,’poor thing she can neither see nor hear.”
So, MiL, the great, without aids you could see and hear. I will donate your hearing aid to Ammini”
“By which law is that?”
“Law of generosity”
Ocala, Florida
March 25, 2015

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