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Ammalu is amazing

“Madam Mother in law, I’m sorry to learn that our ChAru and Chuppu broke their relationship on a flimsy ground”
“On a flimsy ground? You know the real reason?’
“What was that?”
“See, he believes that men wear waist-belt purely for holding pants firm to waist.
She disputes and argues, ‘If that is the only purpose why not use a coir or jute rope?
Leather belt is a lavish style wear,'”
“Is it a valid point for the family- break?”
“There was a second one. Chuppu believes and mentions often that marriages are arranged in Heaven. ChAru disputes and argues, ‘no, my marriage was arranged by my mom”.
“MiL, they haven’t told you the truth. There might be a very valid reason. I know how cheats husbands are”
“Ammalu also knows”
MML, the whole world praises me except you and your daughter”
“Then, that is not the whole world. There is hole in your statement”
“MML, the hole is in your daughter’s head. My modesty prevents me to say that the hole is in her mother’s head too”
“Those holes are well covered, SP. Your hole is open. Dangerous.
“Ammalu, the grand old 9 yards in the 7 th street is your mom. That doesn’t mean that for any thing and everything you should call for her help. what am I here for?”
“Ok, the replacement gas cylinder is yet to come, though I had booked a week ago. On your way, please remind Ramaswamy, the delivery boy or the manager Krishnaswamy”
“Ammalu, your mom, being a religious person, is the ideal one to deal with Swamies. All Swamies will run away at my sight. Please inform your mom”
“Ok, at least call the plumber Aziz in the eight street. He is not responding my calls”
“Ammalu, the eighth street is next to the seventh. Walking distance for your mom. A short walk will tune her worn-out leg muscles too”
“Ok, Ammini’s grinder is ready for collection in the 12 th street”
“I’m going, Ammalu. Your friend is my friend”
“Sorry, she is no more my friend and therefore she is not your friend too.
I don’t want you to move from here for another three days”.
“I’m not here to complaint about your daughter, MML”
“MML? Mother -like mother in law, SP?”
“No. Maha Mother in Law. I’m not here to complaint about your daughter”
“You told that and I heard you. Have you, anything new to say?’
“Yes. You are growing old”
“You are growing young SSL?”
“An extra ‘S’ for ‘super’?”
“For ‘stupid’. You have anything more to say?”
“Yes. Take back your daughter”
“OK, give back whatever I gave you”
“500 Rs. Old notes ?”
“No. 3 laddus, 5 bajjiies, one bowlful pakoda, two plantains, two big cupful coffee, hot, hot, I gave you on the eve of your marriage”
“Mom, i have an urgent work in the next street. Shall meet you tomorrow.
Take care”
“You will come tomorrow with my daughter, my son?”
“No, mom. She is busy with her music students”
“Generally, what is your opinion about me, Ammalu?”
“Very good”
“Will you tell this to your mom?”
“Her opinion, already about you, is very very good”
“That additional ‘very’ is not very good. It looks a bit dangerous”
“Now you know why I didn’t tell her”
“Very, very thoughtful decision on your part, Ammalu”
“That additional ‘very’ is OK, SP?”
“Nothing is okey when it comes to you and your mom, my old queen”
“I’m aware of that. That is why I’m coolerant”
“What is ‘coolerant’, my darling?”‘
“A new word assembled by me to say, ‘I’m very, very tolerant'”
“Appa Iyer School product is amazing!”
“Not all. Ammalu is amazing”

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