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Certainly not a dream

Certainly not a dream, could be the effect of a small dose of the plain soda, I had in the party, last night.
I was lying on the ‘thinnai’, raised platform, of our village house. Star – filled sky, full moon in its full glory. I saw Appa my father, getting down the clouds and walking towards me with his pride and powerful look.
He cites a mantram
‘Prapayamidam viswamethath sameadhi
Yadanthara pitharm matharum cha ‘
”Ithu enna Upanishad- in which Upanishad is this sooktam appearing ?”
He asked, looking into my eyes to see whether I was flapping.
”Artham- Meaning ?”
”The sky is described here as pitha’ or father, the earth as matha or mother. Everything in between these two, reach ultimately at a single point—-” I could not complete .
”Tell me in Tamiz or Malayalam” He ordered , “Nan enna unnaimathri Englisha paditchirukkaen -Have I learned , English like you ? ”
I told him the meaning in Malayalam.
”Always think broad, always think deep,”
He advised. ”I liked that ‘everything’ of yours, with my little English knowledge. Yes , every thing- pasu, pakshi, parvatham, naadi- everything, animals, mountains, rivers, everything moves toward a single goal and once you reach that goal, there is only one, not many ”
“What say, Ammalu?”
“What you had in the party was not plain soda”
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