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Ammalu is always right

image“Pantulu garu eami pAtta paduthunAra, Meenaatchi?”
“PAtta lethu, ketta lethu. . Ammalugaru thittiyAranta.
“Enthukku? Eami thappu chesiyAru pApam?” ——
“SP Sir, is singing, MeenAtchi ?”
“No singing. Ammalu madam scolded him, it seems”
“For what? What mistake did he commit ?”
“At night, after madam slept, he sneaked out and made a call to someone from a STD booth. As he forgot to carry his eyeglasses dialed a wrong number and that reached madam’s cell. Madam woke up and replied, ‘hello’. SP could not recognize his wife’s voice, as he didn’t have his hearing aid too. ( In the hurry to make the call he had left both aids at imagehome) Mistaking that response was from his friend, he replied in a sweet voice,” I love you” .
“Really, where are you ?” Asked Ammalu madam.
“In Chellappa’s STD booth” he replied”
“And madam went there?”
“Yes, madam went there”
“Enough. Now, he has no other go , than singing for the whole day and night?”
“Whole life, you mean?”
“No, Meenachi. No husband can remain singing whole life, for a small mistake of       going out and making a call”
“Chettiar, our main door will be locked from this night onwards and the key will be with me”
“MeenAtchi, I’m not like SP Sir”
“All husbands are same!”
Ocala, Florida
Feb 25, 2015

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