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Ammalu is always right

“Amazing, Ammalu, amazing!”
“See how gracefully that couple float in our front, on the footpath”
“They are not floating. How can anyone float on the foot path?”
“Their walk, holding hand in hand, under the setting sun, in a lush green park,
Is floating, for me. Borrow some poetry from me”
“Hold my hand, please”
“For what?”
“For floating”
“Are you mad, old woman?”
“Why? They too are old couple like us. The Sun has not set yet. The lawn hasn’t turned red or yellow. What is your problem?”
“Ammalu, even our children don’t walk hand in hand with their spouses, in a public place”
“But, you admired that American couple”
“Admiring is one thing. Accepting others practice is another thing”
“Exactly. That is called Samskaram, Sampradayam”
“Have I to learn about Samskaram Sampradayam, , Samskritham, Sahithyam and such things from you, Ammalu?”
“Wife is the teacher throughout the partnership of a couple”
“Feeling thirsty. Wish there is water source nearby”
“There you go”
“Thank you. You never carry a water bottle. How did you bring it today?”
“I expected you would need it today. I noticed you watching that couple last evening,
with sparks in your eyes”
“Ammalu, while treading the path you look forward or look at my eyes?”
“Even in my sleep, you will be in my sight”
“Oh, my God! Good you told me that. I wanted to make a few calls this night.
Ammalu, tell me, who are you, really ? An ordinary woman or a yogi or a magician?”
“Your wife. And the first instruction my mom gave me, while packing me off with you was, ‘keep an eye always, on your husband”
“Really? How did she knew that I need a watch ?”
‘She too was a wife!”

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