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when someone falls

“Ignorance Is bliss”. No, Sir. Never. Ignorance always pushes you down. And pushes you further down, if you can’t climb up. Try to gain knowledge about anything and everything. Impossible. fine. I come down. Try to gain knowledge about minimum things. Even that is difficult. I further come down. Use your intelligence. ‘ I’m not intelligent’. Disagree. God doesn’t send anyone down without adequate intelligence to survive. Use that.
What to do and when to do – that knowledge is important. If not books, experience guides. Experience, in many cases helps more than books. Experience alone can help in certain cases.
Someone slips and falls. No bleeding, no external injury. There is some dust on his clothes. If man, ignore. If it woman, clear that, especially, if she is a middle aged lady, for whom dress is important.
Only dust. No problem. No fracture, it looks. Certainly no bleeding; Very good. She is able to walk and smile too, though her smile is dry. Apparently her brain is unaffected.
Take her home. You save the cost of an ice cream.
Now, sit in a corner and muse- Why did she fall ? It is important to know that. If it was due to some obstacles on her path, due to a mis-step, due to any other obvious reasons and no external bleeding or visible injury, able to proceed with what she was doing before falling,- apparently nothing wrong has happened to her . But, if there were no visible external causes for the fall, you would like to know why she fell ?
Did she fall due to giddiness? Low blood sugar? Blood pressure variation? And worse – Is there some abnormality in the brain ? some undesirable growth ? Don’t you think it is better to consult a doctor? The doctor will ask her a doz.questions. You will wonder why he is embarrassing the charming lady. But, ultimately she will thank you for taking her to the hospital, when it came to light that there was a malefic growth in the brain, which pushed her down. Alarm bell. Immediate action is called for, invariably. a surgery.
It is also possible that the problem was not in the brain but elsewhere. Anyway, only a thorough investigation could bring out the cause for the fall.
Constipation. Anyone can have that problem, especially in the old age. People In my place will have Kadukkai kazhayam. – a home made Ayurvedic preparation for that. It was a nightmare during our childhood, when we were forced to swallow the Kadukkai kazhAyam, an unpalatable liquid, poured into mouth, thankfully only once a month . Within an hour the insipid, irritating, sour, saffron colour liquid was forcefully pushed in, a flood gate opened from the opposite opening, an ejection of every accumulated movable stuff, with the speed of a race horse.
I know one uncle who used to struggle to get rid of his accumulated food waste, making all sorts of noise till his madam, screamed from outside the toilet door : are you coming out or should I force feed you Kadukkai kazhayam? The very mentioning of the concoction used to
sent lightning inside his bowl and like a thunderbolt the content used to come out, allowing a sigh of relief followed by a noise of comfort from the good old man.
I also know, I’m sorry to say, that another uncle who neglected his constipation continuously as well as the considered advice of his wife to consult a doctor only to discover later, a cancerous growth was the cause. Too late, by then.
Simple fever, simple stomach pain- that is how many major problems starts. If you neglect, you are building a path to disaster.
You have to observe your body, your families too. And the person surrounding you.their action or no action, or delayed action will decide how long you will live.
It was for nothing my friend Dr. Kidambi wrote on his wall:
“Love your children. They choose your nursing home”
They not only choose your nursing home, they also decide when to take you there.
I know many cases, where they delayed and regretted for their whole life.

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