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I long for the sun when it rains ; I long for the rains when it shines. But, whether it shines or rains, I long for you, my  my moon light !
“Any woman would like to have a few minutes for her own purpose, to sit in a corner, muse on her childhood, her parents, play mates, siblings etc. After finishing all my work, feeding you and children, cleaning the kitchen, When I try to steal an hour for me, you yell, ‘Ammalu, kAppy’
” Ammalu, You forget that, I too have my own childhood and playmates to muse upon and it is to ignite those thoughts, I ask for kappy. Is there a better stimulant than kaappi ?”
“Can’t you prepare one cup just for your own need ?”
“I can make hundred cups but it won’t be as tasty and stimulating as your make””Wrong age for you to look for stimulants. Is is OK. I will make your happy only for taste. “”Yes, Ammalu, only for taste ”
“Ammalu, happy valentine’s day”
“Enakku vaaleduppum illai, vaythu valiyum illai””You have carried enough load and I don’t say that you are carrying now,  though you are capable of it. Valentine’s day is a special day for man and woman to express their love for each other.”
“What love is there between us to express? Moreover love is not to be expressed but to be experienced. Love loses its charm when expressed.”
“But how will the other one know if love is unexpressed?”
“If the other knows only through expressions, he or she is not worth to be loved”.
“Ammalu, even animals express their love through their body language”
“Body language yes, but not through mouth”.
”Your ideas are antique, Ammalu”.
“Love is antique, but ever fresh”
“Patti, respecting your age and good deeds, I have already allowed you ten minutes extension and if you don’t follow me instantly, I will throw my rope bundle  at you and pull you by neck” The lord of death issued the final
“Another 5 minutes, please ” the good old lady pleaded, “let me complete the task on hand”
“What noble cause this worthy woman is anxious to complete !” wondered Dharma. He waited for a few minutes
and unable to contain his anxiety, peered through the window.
Patti, the good old grand ma, was polishing her nails !”At 95, this woman sits on the floor, stretching her limbs, bends her body and prunes and polishes her nail !” He could not contain his surprise.Yes, you guessed right. He gave her 20 minutes.
” I have decided to help you right from today, in your kitchen work. How do I do that, Ammalu?”
“By not coming anywhere near the kitchen and calling my name every other minute”
” Bharyaa roopavathi satru’ – lovely wife is enemy’ is a wise saying, Ammalu”
” I know that. I also know what you are going to say next . ‘ I don’t want to have an enemy in my house and that is why I married you’ right?”
” Not exactly, but ….”
” I also know the next line of the wise-saying- ‘putra satru apandithah :’ unscholarly son is enemy – Your schoarly father didn’t want to have an enemy in his house and that is why he packed you off with me”
Not exactly, but—–“” you have said it, my lovely, scholarly husband; not once but twice”
“Ammalu, I am standing for election as an independent candidate. Go and tell every friend of yous that I am a honest man “
“You are a honest man. Anyway, give me Ra. 50,000 for canvassing “
“Rs. 50 thousand just to go round and tell your friends ? That is looting “
“OK. Don,t give a pie. I will give five Rupees to our servant maid and ask her to tell every one that you are NOT a honest man””OMG, Ammalu, you stand for election. You are more honest than me and more suited for a political post “
“Where is that guy who used to stand on the bench and give orders, in our class?”
“He is sitting in the Supreme Court bench now”
” I’m a good man”

“How you say?”
“Because everyone says so”
” you aren’t a good man”
“How you say ?”
” Because everyone says so ”
“What happened to all my coaching on Advaitham, Dwaitham and Visishtadwaitham, Ammlu?’
” They all have come back to you with added merit. I have been adding them every day in the sambar, rasam and other dishes I have been serving you”

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