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Many to watch my mistakes and correct

A sister of mine, who is now in USA, corrected the position of my monkey cap, before boarding the car in our Boston trip. I reproached her: “remember, I’m not a child, but elder to you by 14 years!”.
While doing pradakshinam in the Guruvayoor temple, long ago, she warned me:” anna, your veshti boarders are not in alignment”
I chided her,”to think of my dothi folders while worshiping ! concentrate on the fold-less inside the sanctum “. Now she is after me to visit a barber!
My sisters are very keen that I should always look good, wear good dress. So are my DILs. My daughter scolds!
Man, my plight doesn’t end there! In the far away Geneva, there is a girl, my net friend, sitting with binoculars, to watch what error I make in typing! (as you know,I’m very liberal in that! ) . The message comes instantly, reproducing what I typed and what mistake I committed! I was extremely glad to receive a call from her recently.
How to express my gratitude to the Almighty, for opening for me several doors, though he closed one, perhaps inadvertently. God too makes mistakes. His sister doesn’t perhaps, correct His monkey cap or dothi alignments!
Poor God!

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