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Simple truth, madam

Madam, can you come out of the kitchen, for a moment, please ? Thank you.
Now, there is a small problem, for you, not for me.
Your body is different from that of your beloved husband and you chummy children. You don’t need a scholar like me to reveal this truth. Not withstanding your passionate love, care and compassion for them, their unstained affection, and anxiety to help you, the simple fact is, that your own circulatory system has to nourish your body parts and not theirs.
Your husband and grown up children are busy in their own ways and it is you, you and you alone can take care of your health. They might not be even available to call for an ambulance to take you to the hospital, though once you have reached there, they will shower money and attention.
So, madam, I strongly suggest, go for a medical check up, without waiting for your beloved hubby or benevolent children.
The machinery is yours. Give it at least as much importance of your coffee grinder or hair dryer. To use a hair dryer, you need hairs and for that you need a head. Simple truth, madam . You have to take care of your head, and only you can do it as it is your head. And head needs a body to stay and your head will stay only on your body. So the body is also important.
I have to come all the way and tell you this because, I know the fate of many housewives who took care of everyone in the family except themselves. None of them alive now to vouch for my statement. Sad indeed.
Shall I call a taxi for you to go for a medical check up? Who knows some blood sucking Yakshee is not hiding in your sari folds?

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