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An ode to an old lady

She is above law,
My only mother in law.
Me, her only son in law,
The one with no flaw
For her, an outlaw!
She bought me for a floor ticket
For a lousy talkie seat.
The owner of a rocket launch base
Flats and pools, steeds for race
Me, for her, a meek mouse!
“A liar’ she said first, then elevated
My status to ‘bluffer’
‘Cheat’, she looked up and yelled
All about me, God didn’t hear
His hear aid failed.
“Didn’t you hear the abuses she barked?”
That he heard, the battery worked
“Not on you?” God asked.
“No, on you” I said. His eyes sparked
Thunderbolts rocked.
God tore a bus ticket, she said,”No,
Give him that, for me air ticket”
“Foolish woman, you reach fast
By air, bye, bye, my tires will flat
Or gas won’t last”
There comes slowly, Ammalu
Tells God, ” don’t buy trouble
One will fill the sky with bluffs
Other with Ayurvedic stuff
You can’t manage; I can”

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