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Thought waves – light, strong

Two elderly people, mother of a net friend and father of another one, are bed- ridden. I have met both, the seniors.

The old lady is in bed for the past over an year and I know how her son and DIL are struggling , spending sleepless nights to take care of their mother. Her condition is really bad. If I say I’m praying for her speedy recovery, those words are not coming out of my heart. If she continues to ‘live’ in the present condition for a few more months, I’m worried that the juniors have to find a bed near their mother’s. My usage, ‘life’ laughs at me!

Knowing the actual condition, I can’t say, ‘wish her a speedy recovery’.
How to wish her death? Am I human or demon? But the fact is that. And the fact is that the devoted kin are praying for that , not in a temple, but within themselves.
The  father of the second friend, going by the report, is also not encouraging. I vividly remember his smiling face and serious speech full of wisdom and wit, when he released his own book, a product of a decade’s hard work and research . All those are gone. He is not able to utter a legible word now. He breathes through a machine . In the olden days, if the breath stops, no scope for brining back the bird which flew out of the cage. Now we bring it back and  tie to the cage momentarily  for a few days.
A distant relative of mine, passed away last week at the ripe old age of 98/99 peacefully. She had a body wash in the evening, applied vibhoothy on her forehead , went near the pooja room and sat there for a few minutes minutes closing eyes.
Like the peels of a banana fruit, the body fell.
There is a prayer in Samskritham, starting with,
“AnAyasena Maranam…, which my father included in his daily worship. As a child, who knew a few Sanskrit words, I used to wonder, why he, in the pink of his health, was asking for death, may be hassle free.
Now, I realize its purpose. Now I repeat that prayer!
“Strong winds are injurious to shrubs, due to lilies, thunderbolts to mountains and the wicked to the virtuous”
“My son is good, his friends spoiled him,”— We hear; Accept. it could happen.
“My son is good, his wife spoiled him”- Not accepted. No wife does it, as unlike the friends, she would be the first sufferer.
But still if it happens, you are to be blamed as you raised your son as a coward .
Chanakya didn’t say this, but he would have endorsed me, were he alive now.
Many children cursed as ‘good for nothing’ by their parents in young age are found to be the best supports for the old parents.
Moral : Don’t curse your children . They choose your nursing home.
When I found one of my stories reposted without mentioning the author’s name, I wrote:
“I’m happy that you loved my story and reposted it. However, As you haven’t mentioned my name, I’m disturbed like the one who finds his wife seated on another man’s lap”
—————— —————————
The sky has never fallen down by your telling a lie or cheating your wife. Only your trustworthiness has and will fall.
“Aren’t you the same loose-talk Neelandan whom I met in the Guruvayoour Temple?”
“No, that was my grand pa. His name too is Neelakantan”
“You look much older than that orientation- lost old man”
“Oh, that is because I’m married and he remains a bachelor”
“Are you kidding? A grand son for an unmarried oval-shaped oldie ?”
“He had a knack of becoming father, remaining a bachelor.
You will be surprised to know that you are one of my cousins”
“Thank you my brother. I have to meet some one urgently. Good bye”
“Hope the person whom you are going to meet is not our grand pa, that orientation- lost oldie”
More than your buying a diamond ear stud or a latest fashion wear, if you say one word of appreciation on the food she serves , your wife will get excited.
Every time she serves food, every time you enjoy, say a word of appreciation, she will enjoy it.
Always remember your house is not a restaurant, where you eat, pay your bill and walk out.
And your wife is not your cook or server. She is your wife.
That doesn’t mean that you should not give her any tips. Those tips are ear stud and fashion wear!
I don’t know who gave him the idea to include, in the return gift -cover, a wedding photo of the newly wed couple.
Within an hour those lovely photos were lying scattered all over the hall, many stamped on by the guests returning after a sumptuous feast.
Not a single gift packet was however, found anywhere over there!
This really happened in Hyderabad and my fried Reddy, didn’t forget to mention in his invitation that the bride was his ‘okkattae koothru, only daughter’. After the girl was married off, he was blessed with another ‘koothru’ and that is a different story!
I missed the second wedding in my friend’s house. Hope he didn’t include the photos of the just-weds in the return – gift pack.

3 thoughts on “Thought waves – light, strong

  1. My grandfather too used to recite this Praarthana and repeatedly say this.
    Anaayasena Maranam………( to pray for a painless death – not be in pain nor give pain to others …..!
    Could you give the complete shlokam please?
    Thanks in advance.
    “Anayasena Maranam
    Vina dainyena Jeevanam;
    Dehi me Krupaya Sambho
    Raksha Raksha Maheshwara.”
    Vidura’s prayers.
    Thank you for your interest in my blog

  2. Namaskaram SRI SP.
    A million thanks for sending this beautiful PRAARTHANAI.
    Regards and Shubhachintanam.

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