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Ammalu is always right

“Life is difficult, Ammalu”
“That exactly is why you are assigned to live it”
“Life is difficult to live with you, Ammalu”
“That exactly why I was made your wife”
“Which guy decided so, Ammalu?”
“Had I known that, you think I would be here?”
“When I look at your face, I want to look more, Ammalu”
“Too late. When your eyes were bright, you looked at walls, doors and windows”
“Ha, I won! I was afraid that you would say that my eyes, when brighter, were looking at Ammini, Alamaelu, Pattu et al. I have won, Ammalu”
“You haven’t. They are my walls, doors and windows”
“In the old age, why don’t you sit in a corner, whispering Shiva, Shiva”
“Why don’t you do it, Ammalu? Are you a teenager?”
“I will . Let us see who cooks for you. Who spreads your bed and roll it. Who align your shirt buttons and adjust the borders of your dothi?”
“Are these big jobs worth listing and boasting? A hundred women are waiting to do these petty jobs, if you sit on meditation”
“Sure? On the first day, on the first hour, having come to know your behavior, they will lock you inside, keep the key safe in their hand bag and vanish”
“Why escape with the house key? Are they afraid that I will complain to the police? Why the punishment for arranging a simple make- shift?”
“No, the punishment is for me. For foolishly living with you for fifty long years, unmurmering “

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