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“it is a herculean task, to be a husband; to be your husband, to be more specific, Ammalu. Do you know who was Hercules? How will you, poor thing? You don’t even know our own mythological characters. Hercules was a Roman hero, who carried the globe over his head ”
“Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek divine hero Heracles.
It was the Titan Atlas, from Greek mythology, who carried something very heavy, possibly the weight of the world, on his shoulders. It might be more accurate to say he carried the heavens on his shoulder.Hercules carried the weight only for a short while, when the Titan Atlas went to fetch the apples of the Hesperides,
When you can’t produce originals, at least copying should be done accurately, my learned husband”
“See how you argue unnecessarily, stupidly, arrogantly! That is why I say, it is a herculean task to be a husband, to be more specific your husband, Ammalu”
“Hercules was given “Twelve Labours”,which required twelve extremely difficult tasks, Shall I tell you what were those twelve tasks? ”
“Ammalu, please, please, spare me from any more tasks, burdens and mythology..Being your husband is the most easiest, pleasant task in the world, undoubtedly”

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