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Ammalu is always right

“How is that everyone praises me, Ammalu?”
“Who said so?”
” I have two ears energized by ultra modern aids which can receive and record even the whispers of your mom 20 km away from here, though Your mom never whispers; she always yells and that is another matter for discussion”
“Does my mom too praise you?”
“Undoubtedly, though she doesn’t do it openly”
“Even God is not praised by everyone and if that is happening in your case, there could be only one reason. They are expecting something or other from you”
“Your mother too?”
“Yes, she too”
“Ok , let me come to the main part of my question. Why are YOU NOT PRAISING ME?”
“Wah! you said it! And you claim that EVERYONE is praising you!”
“Ammalu, don’t be childish. You are not EVERYONE, YOU ARE A PART OF ME. YOU ARE ME AND I AM YOU”
“Awesome. So, you withdraw your question?”
“No, I modify my question. How is that you alone don’t expect anything from me, while even your mother ( who bluffs that she has left all her desires to God to meet whom she is waiting anxiously, which again is a lie) is also expecting something from me?”
“Answer is simple. I already had everything you had. Your life, your youth, your wealth, your good and bad days, your joy, your sorrow, your thoughts, your breath-everything. I have nothing more to expect from you and so I don’t praise you. Is it clear now, my beloved old man with poor eyesight and poorer insight?”
“My mind?”
“Come on; your mind is completely under my control. You don’t have even a millimeter of it with you!”

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  1. very nice sir.

    1. Thank you Sri. G. Subramanian. Happy Vishu.

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