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Sheer discourtesy!

The moment I saw him in the morning, I wished him, ‘good morning, Dhruva”

He didn’t bother to respond. I smiled. He didn’t even look at my face .
What does this fellow think about me? What is his age and what is mine! The basic courtesies, one should have. And this discourteous treatment is not his first . And when he is pleased, for reasons unknown, he will show his teeth! Oh, he has no tooth. I wanted to say that he will be showering smiles.
If he is from Ocala, I’m from Olavakkode. Let him remember. If he is a Floridan I am an Habsigudan. Let him remember.
Now he is sleeping on my shoulder. Let him get up and I ‘ll show him who I’m.
 appa 1dh
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