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I knew you would come

I knew you would come,
Come, sit close by, still close, hold my hand.
The warmth of your hands, not new to me
Nor the sweet smile or the gurgling laugh.
And that dazzling lightning from your Disc
That sliced my heart and burnt my body.
How could you do that to me, Krishna,
How could you do that to me?
‘Never, your face ever’, I went in protest
But saw only your face wherever I went.
Like a lambasted little one back to mom
I returned to meet your lavish laugh.
How does it matter now, many things came,
Many things went, but Krishna was it just a
Many thing Krishna! was it just a many thing?
Poor boy, you have no answer!
The air brings the fragrance and melody
From Tulasi and reed, but why those
When your chariot sound and foot steps
Always vibrate in my inner depths?
When everyone, everything has left,
And this body too soon to depart,
You came, sit for a moment, w’ll leave together.
I can still work there, be of some use to you.
Can stitch flowers for your garland
Fetch water to wash your feet
Sit idly singing your glory
Or simply sit looking at you, Krishna, looking at you!
Carrying with me my only asset
Your thoughts, but why thoughts
When you are with me, Krishna,
why thoughts, when you are with me?

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