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Ammalu is always right- music is in our life

“You need not get up every time I enter the house, Ammalu. I appreciate your respect for me , I believe in tradition but I am a human being and a good husband too. A loving and caring husband too”
”Thank you.  I don’t want to be a hindrance for the flow of your music. Your enter the house singing and instantly I move away form the living room so that you get full freedom to sing”
“Hope it is not to escape from my singing?”
”How can I ? From any corner I can hear you and you shut the door soon after you enter ”
“Otherwise you would have escaped, Ammalu?”
“I married to live with you and not to escape from you”
“Hearing my music ?”
“Yes, hearing your music. I was prepared for that on the first day, when we met. You sang when your mom asked me to sing”

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