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Ammalu is always right

“OMG, what happened to your head?”
“Half is gone, Ammalu”
“But, how?”
“How many times haven’t I warned you not to talk nonsense while Ammini works in the kitchen?”
”No Ammalu, we were discussing astronomy and while explaining the theory of planetary nebulae expansion, I spread my hands wide innocently–“
“She suspected that you were going to carry her high up and hammered your head with a roti roller or a hot fry -pan ?
“No, Ammalu. unintentionally my eyes happened to fall on her lower back and I don’t remember now what happened. Then Nair and Ammini lifted me and placed on a sofa. Why should a woman get offended when I look at her back unintentionally while explaining the theorem of Nebulae expansion ?”
“I know why. Anyway, now on while explaining any expansion theories never look at the back of any woman”
“Lower back, you mean?”
“Yes, lower back, specifically”half
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