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Is this why kids are called Gods?

August 12, 2013
 Subject: [Iyer123] Is this why kids are called Gods?
At 7.30 yesterday morning I left my daughter’s house in Ocala, Florida back to Baltimore along with my son, his wife and two children. Nearly 14 hours drive  became 15  long hours due to traffic jam near Washington DC. The sky, when we left, was lustrous  with brilliant rays beaming all over and penetrating and removing  the lavish white  spread on the vast turf on both sides and tears of  dews were going up as water vapors.
“How could these kids,  who played , ate, swam, fought and slept together for 2 weeks, could wave adieu, with no remarkable expression on their eyes and face?” I wondered, looking at them, two  sitting inside the car and the other two, standing in front of their house . They are not likely to meet each other till the next summer vacation, they know that and still  how is that no trace of sorrow of parting is lit on their faces? They behaved as if they were leaving for the school for meeting again in the evening!
Is this why  kids are called Gods?


Mahadevan Venkitasub​biar
To: iyer123

This is what the Sages have been advising us to follow – to live only in the present. We should not allow the past to torment us nor permit anxiety about the future to deprive us of our peace of mind. Children have Godly qualities, as Shri Peirnkulam has  correctly put it. They live only in the present. No wonder, you find innocence writ at large in their faces!

To Iyer 123

Children are more resilient than the adults.They quickly forget things.They are pure in heart.That is why we say children are equivalent to god.

Dear Thiru Sivasubramanian
Nice and very touching. Yes , children r really great and endearing.
With warm regards,
R Sahasranaman [Naman][Bombay}
A very nice write up.  Yes, innocent children behave with maturity and are like Gods.
Sethumadhavan V.


2 thoughts on “Is this why kids are called Gods?

  1. Thank you Sir for this wonderful writing as usual and perfect reading about children! I do not care about the hell or the heaven that none has seen but I see the heaven in the midst of these children! I prefer to be born million times without salvation if I have a choice to be among these children who see ‘yatArtam’ and are real yogis! They are highly contented, inquisitive and take everything for granted without any argument!One of the most wonderful creations of the Almighty! I always prefer to remain with the heart of a child but nature never allows me! Regards

  2. Yes children accept life as it comes but they also experience ’emotions’ which they hide so as not to disturb the equanimity of elders!
    I state this because as a child I & my siblings( younger brother & sister) visited grandparents & PeriAmma & PeriaAppa in Bombay during summer holidays.At the end of our summer vacation when we had to leave them I used to ‘suffer’ terrible sadness but never ever revealed the tears shed while looking out of the running train.As the train sped by leaving trees,green fields & villages behind my heart would be full of fear about not seeing my dear old Paati & Paata,PeriAmma & PeriAppa again.
    There used to be a strange ‘gnawing’ in my heart while looking into their kindest of eyes holding their wrinkled hands & saying ‘goodbye’!Was it the last ‘goodbye’?
    This innermost dark fear was not even expressed to my dearest Mother.
    Children indeed live ‘in the moment’ but are extremely sensitive,innocent & possess a sixth intuitive sense & that is why they are more than human!

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