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Curtain down abruptly; audience clap- A social drama

Scene: My friend’s house, on the eve of Varalakshmi vratham
MILK = Mother in law Kamakshi.
DILK  = Daughter in law Kav for Kaveri
DRUK =   Daughter Ruk for Rukmani.
FIL =    Kamakshi’s husband &
Son =  Their Son.
When the curtain goes up, DILK is seen with a cloth bundle in her hand, while, MILK, with keen eyes, wondering what it contains. She raises her eyebrows to know the contents.
DILK = Mom, I’m unpacking kalasam, idol and other materials for tomorrow’s Varalakshmi poojai.
MILK=  We don’t celebrate Varalakshmi vratham in this house and you know that. Put that cloth bundle  back into your box..
DILK = Mom, please. My mother has been doing the pooja for the last several years and what is the harm
if I continue here? It is a worship to bring us prosperity, right?
MILK = Don’t introduce a new custom and my words are final here, ask Appa if you want.
FIL, my friend,  nods he head to say, ‘yes’.
The door bell rings. MILK again majestically raises her eyebrows to know who was there. Son goes and comes with DRUK who also holds a cloth bundle in her hand.
MILK, enthusiasm overflowing in her face, eyes, words,  welcomes her daughter and enquirers why that bundle.
DRUK= Mom, Kalasam, idol and other materials for tomorrow’s poojai.  Chandru is out of station. I didn’t feel doing pooja alone at home; So came here . Is it OK, mom?
Son: It is not OK. Whether your husband is at home or not, you should do pooja at your house, means your husband’s house. What do you say, dad?
FIL, my friend, nods his head vertically to say ‘yes’ and MILK throws an angry look at him.
MILK : You both father and son are wrong. Ruk has every right to perform the pooja here as this is the house where she was born and grown.
Son : But mom, this pooja is not in our tradition here.
MILK : Traditions are not permanent Trademarks . They  can be modified to  suit the circumstances and there is no hard and fast rule about that.. What do you say? She asks her husband . He nods his head vertically to say ‘yes’.
Son: Then mom, why didn’t you apply the same rule in the case of Kav ? This is nothing but partiality towards your daughter and bias against your DIL.
MILK, thinks for a moment, turns head majestically peeping deep into every one’s eyes and calmly replies:
In the case of Kav, Lakshmi is already with us, has become a part of us, safe in Kav’s box whereas, Varalakshmi has just come along with my daughter, as a honorable guest and it is our duty to receive and respect Her by doing pooja, elaborately.  Honoring guests is our tradition.
Son: But mom, traditions are not permanent Trademarks–
MILK , Without blinking an eye, turns towards her husband and asks :  Are you with your son or me?
FIL, my friend, struggles without knowing whether to nod his head vertically or horizontally and MILK without giving him more time, pulls down the curtain.

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  1. Very creative! Good read!

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