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"You're me and me, you"

The moment it hits the soil, the happiness seed
Breaks, procreates, grows and blooms as smile
The sorrow screws, chokes and slices heart’s domain
And bursts into tears, ah, the scars remain.                       1
I don’t waste time counting my scars
Count only the scattered stars,
Scars are many, stars a few, still
Sufficient to shine and spread a thrill.                                  2
That little sky of mine is a mystery land,
A magician with a magic wand?
A playful child with a music band,
Or a demon with a mace in hand?                                        3
Vagabond clouds and virgin beams,
Twinkling stars and singing streams,
Turbulent storms and turbid ponds
All there, in unbelievable bonds.                                           4
Am I their master, how could that be,
When they rock me like a helpless baby?
‘You are the master, rule them’, ordered my book
I tried and failed; alas, have no luck.                                      5
‘Let they come and go’, advised my Lord,
‘They are my forms, as you are ‘, my God!
Now they come and go, but who bothers?
We are all one, me, my thoughts and my Lord.                      6
Muti-hooded serpents and innocuous earthworms,
Vociferous drummers and voiceless bums,
They all go along with the flow
And I stand on the shore watching below.                             7
‘Let they come and go’, I tell, they sail.
Absolute silence and peace prevail.
Then comes a melody floating in the air
Gets absorbed into the soul, layer by layer.                            8
‘Stay forever, stay forever’, still I plead
To the music from the divine reed
‘Why this fear?’ asks my Lord, smiling
‘You are the music, where will you go?’                                    9
Wiping tears, ‘who am I, before Thou!’ I tell my Lord,
‘You are the music, you the pipe and the player’
He smiles again and utters unambiguously
‘You’re me and me, you’

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