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Going back home, sweethome

The flight from Vancouver to Chicago was memorable; the Sun brightening the entire sky, the clouds glistening as if they are all made of pure silver, crimson  beams passing through in between, layers and layers of snow covered mountains and then barren hills exposing the silent brooks,water falls  and weak dents, then green or dark  squares and rectangle, clearly earmarked by straight lines, mostly, occasionally circular, which turned out to be motor roads leading from different house colonies, the houses revealed in between them only when the aircraft slows down. The weather was exceptionally friendly and otherwise such a breath-taking view from the sky was impossible. Our life journey too, even by road, depends on favorable climates, both internal and external!.
To look down from the sky has always been man’s  ambition, envying the birds, who effortlessly  soar high, flutter, shoot up , dive or settle on a tree. ‘Even a small animal like squirrel climbs up the trees with such an ease, why can’t I?”, he asked, tried to climb trees, succeeded and  then tried to trek the hills, mountains and his joy of viewing the earth below from the high pedestal was unique, as I had while bird’s- eye-viewing the City of New York, the rivers, the crowded streets, woods, from the tops of skyscrapers, including the 102-story, Empire State Building, located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City,
From bikes to balloons, then to aircraft and from there to spacecraft, we have pushed ourselves higher and higher and yet to many, who have participated in those thrilling voyages, the best part of it was looking back towards home, the sweet home!
Every one has to go back to, from where he started. For some,  the return journey turns difficult. Much depends upon how we prepare ourselves for that. Preparation doesn’t mean keeping our things well packed and pushing the baggage below the pillow . Keeping the mind clean and prepared to start the engine the moment the bell rings, helps. Another way is to ignore the fact that the journey is new but only a continuation of the present one.
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