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'It is my Fate'. No it was your error.‏

‘It is my a Fate’
No, it was your mistake.
‘It is my Fate’ – Job is over. Any time we lose, just throw the ball in the court of ‘Fate’, ‘God’, ‘planet’ and such innumerable escape – routes and relax.
This is what most of us do. A sure remedy for the cuts, cracks and damages caused to our mind, by the loss.
But do we realize that by pushing the charred cloth beneath the cot, we are igniting a big fire, which might swallow us? How, you may ask.
No smoke without fire somewhere. If I have failed to clear the hurdle of a test, lost the possibility of better status and money by missing an advancement in my career or even if an accident or death occurred in the family, there should be one or more causes for that . By throwing the blame on Fate, Luck or other such unknown, unsure forces, I miss the opportunity of critically analyzing the cause or causes for my loss and prevent recurring damages.
I have observed that at least in 90 to 95 cases out a hundred, I was responsible, knowingly or unknowingly and only 5 to 10 % losses could be attributed to factors beyond my control. Reasons may be many, mainly ignorance, delayed action, shortage of men, money or other resources and so on. If I have the courage to own responsibility for the loss, study and analyze the causes, there is every possibility of my improving my action, next time. On the other hand, when I resign to Fate or God, the door for critical study and analysis are closed for ever. After the above exercise, if I am convinced that in no way I could have performed better and it was something beyond my control that ruined my chances and at that time and then alone, if I lift my hands up, head up, eyes up and say, ‘your will’. there is meaning in it. Otherwise there is every possibility of my losing faith in God, if the mistakes go rectified resulting repeated damage for which I throw the responsibility on God only to find that He is helpless.
Rational thinking goes a long way to avert disasters. And if the disasters still occur, ‘Pahavanae saranam’ in the words of my Venku chithammai paatty..
Thunjathu Acharayan, said the same in two lines:
‘Sakala karmarpanam Bavathu karomi jnAn
SamasthamaparAdam kshmaswa Jagalpathey!’
Or Coleridge:
‘Do thy duty that is best,
Leave unto the God the rest’
‘Do thy duty’ first, always.

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