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Anonymous calls and after effect

Anonymous call  1:
”Prasksham Pandalugaru unnaraandi ?  Is Praksham Pantulu there?”
”Panthulugaru paralokam velli ennyo samvalsaram aayinthandi- He passed away long ago”
”Sorry, wrong numberandi”
Anonymous call  2:
” My cup- ice cream, if you don’t meet me this evening in the park, I will jump into the well and this is a promise.”
“My cone- ice cream, tell me the location of the well before you jump into. Let me collect a bucket of water.”
“Sorry Sir, wrong number. My apologies for calling you  an ice cream; you are an ice block”
Ammalu’s call  :
” For the past half an hour, I find the phone is engaged. Tell me with whom were you gossiping  in my absence?”
“Wrong number, Ammalu”
”Number is not wrong. I married a wrong person”.
”Ammalu, oh,  it is you? Trust me. I was not dialing but answering a series of wrong calls”
”Then why did you say wrong call when I dialed?”
”Because the two words, ‘wrong call’, heard repeatedly, got imprinted in my my mind, and emerged instantly when your call came .”
” Is my husband such an unwise man to say, ‘wrong number, Ammalu’ ? Why that ‘Ammalu’ there, when you didn’t knew that it was my call? “
”That is because your name got embedded much deeper in my mind and along with every word and phrase, it emerges like a wave on the surface of the a pool when a stone is thrown into the waters”
” I called you just to hear some such nonsense . Thank you”.
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