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some stress-relieving techniques

If your horse is tired of running, allow it to roll in the mud for a while. The horse is fit to run miles again.
If your elephant is tired of working, allow it get into a pond and have a complete self-shower, collecting water through its long nose and splashing all over its body. The jumbo is fit for hard work again.
If you are tired of your rat-racing in daily life, there are numerous ways to relax. Some are:
1. Spend a few minutes looking at the rising or setting son, blooming flower, splashing sea-waves, squirrels chasing one another and playing around a tree, the cow innocently gazing at you with her wide eyes, children playing in the hot sun, an old woman sitting on the veranda of her house and smiling alone thinking of her duals with her husband when he was alive and so on.
2. Close the doors, sit alone and sing a song you are familiar with or recite a mantra loudly, laugh loudly or simply sit musing on your childhood plays, pranks and friends. the mood of your wife and if she is for a game, play Rummy, if she is familiar with that game or simply sit close to her, enjoying her fingers and palm. The best medicine is to carry her on your shoulder and walk inside the house, making sure that the doors are closed. Don’t worry about your children’s presence; they will enjoy the fun. I am sure that your madam will surely enjoy that act, but risk is for you if her weight is unbearable.
4.Kids are the best stress-relievers. carry one on your shoulder and circumambulate your house or garden. Laugh loudly and the child too will laugh. Run now and the child will enjoy it more and laugh louder. You too laugh and keep running till you are tired . the child will never get tired. Drop the kid on the floor buy a chocolate or ice cream and you too can enjoy it along with the kid ,forgetting for a moment your blood- sugar value.
There are several other ways open to us and tell me about them. I have tried all the above, except of course, one trick and you know what it is!

2 thoughts on “some stress-relieving techniques

  1. Real stress-busting techniques!
    You write very candidly & with open heart.
    Listening to good music & singing are perhaps some of the best.
    Or perhaps writing out the stories one heard from PAATI & PAATA when growing up!
    My maternal grandfather was fom Kalpathy graamam.

  2. my stress buster is to read your stories… 🙂
    hats off to your imagination and the way you put them in words.

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